Public Water Supply District No. 4
of Platte County, MO



Platte 4 District News - Rate Change

 The Board of Directors announced  a rate increase effective May 1, 2013. This increase comes from a rise in the wholesale rates charged to us by KCMO Water Services. The base minimum of $12 will continue to include 1,000 gallons of water.  The price of each additional 1,000 gallons of water used will increase from $6.06 to $6.12 starting May 1, 2013. Rate Table

Meeting Minutes for Platte # 4 Water District Now Online

Frank Offutt, District Manager is pleased to announce that the district will now be providing all monthly board meeting minutes online within a few days of the meeting.  Please check the  Public Information Archive for links to the various meeting minutes and comments from other agencies.

Platte # 4 Water District offers education about protecting our water supply.

The Board of Director's continue to support the education of the public about Platte 4's Source Water Protection Plan.  Recognized by the Missouri Rural Water Association for excellence, Platte 4's plan also is approved by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Using classroom visits and involving staff with area agencies efforts to expand the collection of household hazardous waste, Platte 4 invites the patrons of our district to join in protecting our most valuable resource.

July 18, 2012 classroom visit scheduled with children addressing the importance of water conservation by District Manager Frank Offutt. 



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